Savings & Investments

Savings & Investments


In recent years, investment houses and insurance companies have begun offering alternative and competitive savings and investment solutions to the basic options that banks may offer. In doing so, they have opened up the savings and investment market making it a viable option to both the major investor and the “everyday saver”.

Now you can enjoy a new selection of opportunities when considering savings plans for you and your family’s future.

  • Funds deposited into the plans remain liquid at any time – without any redemption penalties or fees for early withdrawal.
  • Freedom to switch between different investment tracks within the same company or investment house, without any buying and selling fees incurred.
  • When switching between investment tracks there will be no Capital Gains Tax. (This tax is paid only when the funds are withdrawn.)
  • Options for “one time” payments and/or a minimum monthly deposit of NIS 150.
  • Option to add insurance components.
  • Fixed management fees.
  • No other hidden fees.

*Terms and conditions are subject to the policy and guidelines of each company or investment house.

Goldfus Insurance takes no responsibility for changes in Israeli legislation that may alter the accuracy of the above information. For clarification of any changes, please contact us.

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