Insurance in Israel - FAQs

Annual Guide to Insurance in Israel: 2022 Update

Are you looking to make a change to your insurance or begin a new insurance policy upon moving to Israel? We are here to help you feel well informed and receive the best coverage for your needs. Whether you are looking for supplementary insurance, a change in a previous insurance plan, or just interested in learning more about insurance in Israel as an oleh chadash (new citizen),

Avoid Deadly Distractions Behind The Wheel

Avoid Deadly Distractions Behind The Wheel

Distracted driving is a major cause of deadly car accidents each year. It’s not surprising that texting is considered a distraction. Texting requires visual, manual and cognitive attention just the same as driving. While texting and touching your smartphone may be the most dangerous distraction, many others can impact you safely driving. Even simple tasks like changing the music volume can hinder your undivided attention.

What To Do After A Car Accident: A Four-Step Guide

Car accidents happen, even to the most careful drivers. After an accident, no matter how minor or serious, it is common to freeze with shock, be dizzy with adrenaline, feel paralysed by embarrassment or be furious with the other driver.

The first thing you must do in a car accident? Stay Calm.

While it is common to become overwhelmed and confused,

How to Insure a Young Driver

How to Insure a Young Driver

Contributors: Orit Touson & Danny Newman

Congratulations! Your child has just passed their driving test.

Now that they will want to drive and gain experience, you’ll need to ask to have your new driver added to your car insurance policy.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that young and new drivers are expensive to insure.

Leasing a car – The insurance angle

Leasing a car – The insurance angle

Contributors: Danny Newman, Ronen Goldman & Orit Touson

With a growing trend of people looking to lease cars as opposed to buying one new or used, many questions arise about how to insure the vehicle appropriately.

While there are many different types of lease agreements available,

The Nuts and Bolts of Car Insurance

The Nuts and Bolts of Car Insurance

Contributor: Danny Newman, Ronen Goldman & Avner Goldfus

According to Israeli law, a car owner is obligated to have at least the basic level of car insurance in order to legally drive the car. This legal requirement is known in Hebrew as Teudat Chova or Bituach Chova.