6 Ways to Master Insurance in Your 30s in Israel

So, you are living in Israel. Are you happy with your health insurance? Do you have unanswered questions on your coverage? Go over these 6 simple steps to become a master of your own insurance plan in Israel.

Here at Goldfus, we’ve had our fair share of challenges as olim chadashim and navigating necessities like car insurance, life insurance, or even loading out Rav-Kav, to be honest. ?

Here are the 6 simple steps you can take to being the boss of your own insurance plan:

  1. Take 15 minutes to understand your needs.

You know yourself better than anyone. Take note of all health conditions, your financial situation, and what you need to be covered by insurance. Visit our website to see your options.

  1. Make a list – stick it on the fridge or the door.

Make a list of emergency phone numbers, your doctor’s offices, and of course, our number for easy troubleshooting.

Your list should include your primary health needs, and can serve as a reference for medical reminders, car check-up reminders, and other important information to always keep track of throughout the year.

  1. Look at different options.

Spend 20 minutes discovering your insurance plan options and how they can best meet your needs. Want a faster process? Contact us and speak to one of our representatives directly!

  1. Talk to trusted friends and family members.

Tell your family and friends in Israel about your plan, and see what they usually like to do.

  1. Just give us a call.

Speak with one of our agents to finalize your plan and pay, then we will guide you through upkeep.

  1. Always keep track of expenses and your plan.

Remember that comprehensive list you made of all your insurance resources? Good thing you made it! Throughout the year, check up and see if your plan needs to stay consistent or change based on your health needs, car status, or renters and contents situation.

Contact us today and let us help you pick out the most appropriate insurance plan for you, and leave you with peace of mind.

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