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Home & Contents Insurance: How to make a claim

Report the incident to your insurance agent within 24 hours.
Our Claims Department: 02 561 2223 (ext 1)

1. Contact the necessary emergency services (when relevant)
Police – 100; Ambulance – 101; Fire – 102
2. If possible, take photos of the damage to the property.
3. Keep any broken parts from damaged property/appliances.
4. Make a note of any third party damage caused to neighbours as a result of water, fire or other damage.

In the event of water damage:
1. Immediately stop the flow of water to the area.
2. Refer to your policy for plumbing repair instructions and which plumbing service to contact.
3. If your policy states that the repair works can be done by your own private plumber, the insurance company’s appraiser will assess final cost of the damage based on assesment of the broken parts and repairs needed. The insurance company will compensate according to the appraiser’s assessment.
4. Contact our office within 24 hours so we can assist you with the correct procedure. Our Claims Department: 02 561 2223 (ext 1)

In the event of burglary:
1. Contact the police immediately.
2. Avoid touching or moving anything until the police arrive
3. Make sure to receive a copy of the police incident report.
4. Contact our Claims Department immediately in order to arrange an appraiser to access the damage and proceed with the claim. Our Claims Department: 02 561 2223 (ext 1)

In the event of stolen car keys:
1. The incident must be reported immediately. Your car insurance policy will not cover car theft until the keys and remote unlocking system have been located or the locks of the car have been changed. Our Claims Department: 02 561 2223 (ext 1)
* Before making a claim, please consider the deductible/excess that will be covered by the insured.

*All prices for repair or replacement will be according to the amounts stated in the appraisal report.


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