Critical Illness Coverage

Critical Illness Coverage

Critical Illness Coverage pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of several critical illnesses listed within the terms of the policy.

It’s an important, but little talked about, insurance policy that provides you with financial support while you’re dealing with a critical illness in your family. Critical Illness Coverage protects you from additional financial stress during an already trying period.

Here’s how the coverage works:

It pays out a predetermined lump sum, up to a maximum of 700,000 NIS, which you can use for any purpose you like. Yes, you can even use that money to sponsor a family vacation to keep your spirits up.

Typically, however, Critical Illness Coverage is used to offset the costs of:

  • The reduced income you’re earning since you likely either have to take a leave of absence or reduce your hours, and the regular price of daily living does not change – the mortgage, grocery and utility bills still need to be paid
  • Increased family costs including hiring a caregiver to take children to their after-school activities or help with homework while both parents are occupied with the ill family member
  • Extra illness-related expenses like transportation to and from the hospital or treatment facilities, or accommodation expenses to be closer to the hospital on weekends
  • The cost of flying in family members for extra support

The important piece to remember is that Critical Illness Coverage and disability income insurance are not interchangeable, as each serves a different purpose.

Potentially, you or your spouse could be diagnosed with a critical illness that still leaves you eligible to work, according to the definition of your disability insurance or work responsibilities. Yet your illness (or your spouse’s or child’s illness) could consume so much of your time and income that you can no longer make ends meet.

Critical Illness Coverage applies to children as well as adults. For example, your child could be diagnosed with meningitis and hospitalized for several weeks. In this case, you might have to take unpaid leave from your job, or leave it entirely in order to care for your child. While your disability insurance and Bituach Leumi wouldn’t cover you for this, your child’s Critical Illness Coverage would.

Critical Illness Coverage premiums are variable-rate premiums. They are calculated according to your age and are subject to a clear health declaration. Critical Illness Coverage is a term policy that usually expires when you reach the age of 75.

You’ll want to consider carefully the right amount of insurance for you and your family, based on your needs.

As each insurance company differs in how their policies are structured and what exactly is covered, it’s wise to have a free, no-obligation consultation with someone from our team who can help guide you to the best Critical Illness Coverage plan for your needs.

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