Meet Sarah – She’s Here to Help Around the Clock

At Goldfus Insurance, we are proud to introduce our new chatbot, Sarah. Sarah is the first robot to ever work for us! She’s here to make things much easier and simpler for you.

Imagine you wanted to make vacation plans on motzei Shabbat, but had questions about travel insurance and got frustrated because you couldn’t talk to your insurance company until business hours on Sunday. Well, now you can chat with Sarah at any time, day or night.

Because Sarah isn’t a human, she’s always available. She speaks English too, and she works quickly. Once you answer some questions, she’ll send you a customized insurance quote by email within one business day, or have someone from the Goldfus Insurance team contact you. If you have questions, she’ll answer them straight away, or find someone who knows the answers to get in touch with you.

When we say that Sarah is a chatbot, that’s exactly what we mean. Sarah is an actual robot, designed to create travel insurance quotes on the spot, gather details for home and car insurance quotes, and collect initial information on real-time vehicle accident claims. You can speak to her through live chat just like you would chat with one of your friends.

You can find her on any page of our site. Look at the bottom right corner. There’s an icon that says “Get a Quote”. That’s Sarah.

Give Sarah a try!

What Sarah Can Do for You: Her First Assignment – Travel Insurance

Life doesn’t always happen during work hours.

You might decide to take your family on a trip abroad and want to start planning as soon as possible. Or you planned way in advance, booking the flights and hotel, but you showed up at the airport and realized you forgot to arrange for travel insurance! What if you’re flying in a few hours? What if you’re flying on the weekend, when our offices are closed? How do you get pricing information? Travel insurance pricing depends on many factors – where you’re going, the length of your trip, whether you intend to participate in extreme sports, whether any of the vacationers are pregnant, the ages of the people to be insured, and the health of those traveling, among other factors.

There’s no need to wait to phone us and get the process started. You can go online 24 hours a day and speak to Sarah. She’ll guide you through all the questions, provide the information you need, and if you want to speak to an agent, she’ll make sure you get a call when the office opens. Sarah is always backed up by a qualified, human representative from our office.

Within one business day, you’ll have the quote in your inbox.

It’s the quickest and easiest way to get a price quote on travel insurance.

Sarah will be updated regularly, since we’re adding new features to her list of capabilities constantly. While attending to your travel insurance needs is her first job, she’s starting to be able to walk you through all the initial information surrounding car and home insurance as well.

Submitting a Car Insurance Claim to Sarah

When it comes to car accidents, it’s smart to file the auto claim as quickly as possible, ideally while the car is still on the side of the road. That way, there is little chance of forgetting to take photos of the damage, recalling what happened, or losing track of the process.

With Sarah, you can file the initial claim in real time to get the ball rolling. You can upload photos of the accident, and include all of the necessary documents. Sarah will ask you to provide a brief description of the incident. That allows our staff to move the process forward right away, cutting down on the time it will take to process your claim.

Remember, car insurance claims can take 1-3 months to process, so the sooner you begin, the less you need to wait. You will still need to call or send forms to the claims department, but with Sarah, the initial report can go through as early as possible, even when the office is closed.  

Sarah Has the Answers, and if She Doesn’t, We Do

Sarah is always available to help you find information on a wide range of insurance topics. You tell her what you want to know, and she’ll give you a short answer or provide a link to a longer article on the topic.

If you have questions relating to home and content insurance, or auto insurance, pensions, first aid and claims, or health, mortgage or life policies, you can start with the FAQs Sarah has at her disposal. Each one comes with a wealth of information. Most often, Sarah will have everything you need.

She can also help you contact an agent. She can make it simple to make a call or send an email, or request a call back. She will also give you all the contact information you need for Goldfus Insurance.

So take a few minutes to get to know the latest addition to our team. She’s already making an enormous difference to the way we relate to our customers, and the immediacy of service we can provide. We think she has the potential to be a star, and we hope to give her more responsibilities soon.

We’re thrilled to have her, and we believe you will be equally impressed. Just click on Get a Quote and start the conversation.

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