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Goldfus Insurance & Investments was founded in 1971 by Chaim Goldfus, an Oleh Chadash (New Immigrant) from South Africa. Since then, the company has established itself as one of the leading groups in the Insurance and Investment fields in Israel, with offices in Jerusalem, Modiin and Beit Shemesh. We provide our clientele with financial and insurance consultations and services, working with a range of public companies, private clients, non-profit organizations, and foreign embassies, amongst others.

In the last decade, Goldfus Insurance & Investments has continued to provide "smart solutions" in the property, liability and pension fields. The aim of our team is to provide comprehensive and professional solutions while maintaining credibility, efficiency and, most importantly, quality service. They are aided at all times by advocates, tax consultants, accountants, adjusters and actuaries.

As independent consultants, Goldfus Insurance & Investments has close working relationships with the key professional financial bodies in the industry, that way enabling our clients can benefit from a vast range of the most recent financial products and policies to suit all their needs.

Goldfus Insurance & Investments has developed an expertise in working with Olim Chadashim and the Aliyah Associations. Goldfus Insurance & Investments have been the trusted agents of the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel (AACI) for over 20 years.

Goldfus Insurance & Investments boasts diversity within the company which is demonstrated by the colourful staff from various backgrounds, including Olim Chadashim from USA, UK, Australia, South Africa as well as Sabarim.

Goldfus Insurance & Investments offers comprehensive services in (but not exclusive to) the following areas:

Goldfus Insurance & Investments offers free no-obligation consultations with its courteous English speaking staff, either in one of our offices or at the client location.

We look forward to being of service

Goldfus Insurance & Investments is a licensed insurance agency introducing and selling pension and financial products as opposed to being a pension or financial adviser. Goldfus Insurance  Investments  is a non tied agency that predominantly markets pension products of the following companies:

Life Insurance – Clal, Harel, Menora, Migdal, Phoenix.
Pension Funds – Clal Metavit Atudot, Harel Pensia-Harel Gilad Pensia, Menora Mivtachim Pensia, Migdal Makefet, Phoenix Pensia.
Financial products – Altshuler Shacham, Analyst, Clal, Excellence, Meitav Dash, Migdal.

Our agents and employees work on salaries as opposed to commission. Whilst Goldfus Insurance & Investments as an agency does not charge any additional fee for selling any of the above products, the agency has a professional link and agreement with all the above financial institutions, receiving remuneration and commission from the management fees that the companies may charge.

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