Don’t Lose It Over a Lost Suitcase

Packing for vacation can be a constant battle between adding an item ‘just in case,’ and taking it out again to make sure you stay under the weight limit. You don’t want to be ‘that traveler’ with four huge cases for a week away. But you also want to have a sweater in case it’s cold,

family going on vacation and bought travel medical insurance

What if You Get Sick on Your Dream Vacation?

No one expects to fall ill on vacation.

Unfortunately, anything can happen, even when you’re on holiday. The best way to ensure smooth sailing is to be prepared for any scenario by securing the right kind of travel insurance prior to your trip.

Travel medical insurance

The critical piece of any travel insurance policy is medical coverage.

How to Insure a Young Driver

How to Insure a Young Driver

Contributors: Orit Touson & Danny Newman

Congratulations! Your child has just passed their driving test.

Now that they will want to drive and gain experience, you’ll need to ask to have your new driver added to your car insurance policy.