Insta-worthy destinations for young people moving to Israel

Welcome to the Goldfus guide for 20-somethings on how to live your ~best life~ when moving to Israel! ?From the beautiful Old City of Jerusalem, to the lovely beaches and nightlife of Tel Aviv and Eilat, it’s time to take full advantage of traveling across Israel as you make Aliyah!


The city of proud history and ancient culture is an obvious go-to! Who said the Western Wall and Shuk Machane Yehudah were the only worthwhile places to go in Jerusalem? Outdoor spaces like Gan Sacher, The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, and Rechavia Park are great places for picnics, friend-hangouts, and even some alone time. Other places around Jerusalem include the famous Mamilla Avenue Mall, full of luxurious shopping and restaurants, and The Israel Museum, with its very own Holy Temple replica and display of the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls. See you in the Old City!

In this section:

Western Wall

Shuk Machane Yehudah

Gan Sacher

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

Rechavia Park

Mamilla Avenue Mall

The Israel Museum

Holy Temple replica

Dead Sea Scrolls

Tel Aviv

The city of nightlife, art, and FOOD! Walk along the 3-mile boardwalk that stretches from Yafo to Herzliya, while eating delicious Israeli street food from your stops at Shuk HaPishpeshim and Shuk HaCarmel along the way. As night time approaches, check out the lively bar scene in Dizengoff Center, the artsy, graffiti-smattered neighborhood of Florentin, or the decorative town of Neve Tzedek. Neve Tzedek features the lovely Park HaMesila, a spot where young people grab a pizza and lay out on lucious, bright green grass with their friends.

In this section:



The Tayelet of Tel Aviv

Shuk HaPishpeshim

Shuk HaCarmel

Dizengoff Center

Florentin neighborhood

Neve Tzedek

Park HaMesila



Eilat is the city of beach parties and water sports! Visit sites like the Red Canyon, Timna Park, and Dolphin Reef to live out your Middle Eastern desert dreams. Eilat offers amazing views of the mountains, boasting gorgeous beaches with endless options of diving, water sports, and coral reef observation. This Israel desert destination is definitely worth the ride to the southernmost part of the country, right next to Egypt and Jordan.

In this section:

Red Canyon

Timna Park

Dolphin Reef

Our guide will always continue to expand and offer great options for your in-country travels. Be sure to check back here and hit save on your Google bookmarks bar ☝️☝️ for special Israel day-trip updates.

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